ALL ELITE WRESTLING/DYNAMITE: House of Dragon Dynamite set for August 17

Posted on 8/12/122 by Colin Vassallo

AEW will be doing a themed episode of
Dynamite based on the upcoming Game of
Thrones: House of Dragon television series
which will debut on August 21 on HBO.

The August 17 Dynamite will be a
collaboration with Warner Bros Discovery to
promote the arrival of the series, just a
few weeks after AEW integrated Shark Week
into their programming at the request of
WBD. While nothing has been revealed as to
what kind of collab this will be, AEW used a
shark cage hoisted above the ring with
members of the JAS in it for the match
between Jericho and Kingston a few weeks ago
for the popular Shark Week.

Since the Shark Week integration was such a
great success, were working on another huge
partnership that Im very excited about in
terms of creativity and a hugely prestigious
IP that were being trusted to partner
with, AEW President Tony Khan told TV

I believe its because we have shown we can
do a good job with integrations and be easy
and fun and collaborative and have a good
audience that makes us good partners, he

The House of Dragon Dynamite will be
headlined by Bryan Danielson vs Daniel
Garcia in a two-out-of-three falls match in
what is being billed as the Dragon vs Dragon

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