ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TBS: June 22 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 6/23/122 by Colin Vassallo

Show Report --

"Flight of the Valkyries" opened the show.

Bryan Danielson addresses Forbidden Door and Blood & Guts

This was a really strong promo overall, but I would've
preferred they dropped the heel stuff at the end (Sabre's
already a heel) and just hyped the show with an

Schiavone in the ring welcomed Danielson, and Danielson said
he'd take the mic and not give it back. Danielson said this
week is a great week to be an AEW fan, and by extension, a
professional wrestling fan. He promised we'd see some
excellent professional wrestling on Sunday, and a bloody
spectacle in a week.

Danielson would have loved to be part of it. Chris Jericho
even paid for Zack Sabre Jr. to challenge him, and Danielson
wanted to prove that he was the best technical wrestler in
the world. He's got some good news and bad news.

The bad news is that because of Jericho and crew's attack at
Anarchy in the Arena, Danielson is not cleared to compete at
Forbidden Door or Blood & Guts. However, Danielson can't
wait to come back, because there's nobody in this ring who
can wrestle like he can.

The good news is that Danielson has found the one person he
trusts to take his place at Forbidden Door and Blood & Guts,
but he's not going to tell us, and he's not going to tell
Zack Sabre Jr. either. Sabre's music played and he showed up on the ramp before
jawing with Danielson.


Jon Moxley was backstage. He said the Jericho Appreciation
Society would be locked in with dogs next week at Blood &
Guts. In the meantime, he has to take on (and team with)
Hiroshi Tanahashi, the greatest wrestler who ever lived.
Tonight, it's just business, but on Sunday, it's personal,
because when that bell rings, Moxley has no respect for


Orange Cassidy & Roppongi Vice (Trent Beretta & Rocky
Romero) defeated Will Ospreay & Aussie Open (Mark Davis &
Kyle Fletcher)

An excellent six-man tag as expected. Orange Cassidy is
still super over.

Fletcher and Rocky started off, then Davis and Trent tagged
in. Orange entered the match and did his hands-in-pockets
schtick. His team dispatched the United Empire and went for
dives, but the Empire recovered to take control out on the
outside with simultaneous apron attacks.

After a commercial, Trent fought off both of Aussie Open to
reach Orange for a tag. Orange "landed" his weak kicks, then
hit a double hurricanrana before dispatching Aussie Open
with an escalera and a tornado DDT. Orange and Roppongi Vice
all took out the United Empire with dives.

A lazy elbow drop from Orange got two on Ospreay. Ospreay
avoided the Orange Punch and reversed a DDT into his
backflip enziguiri. Orange flipped around into a stunner.
Davis and Rocky tagged in, with the big man downing Rocky
with a big chop. Aussie Open hit a combination spinebuster
for two. We got a parade of big moves concluded with the Roppongi
Vice double knees. Trent wanted Strong Zero, but Ospreay cut
it off and Davis hit the lifting piledriver for a good near
fall before Orange broke up the pin. Orange avoided
Ospreay's Sasuke Special and Ospreay took a dive from Rocky.

Trent fought off both of Aussie Open once again and reached
Orange for the tag. Orange connected with the Orange Punch
on Davis for the win.

After the match, IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Jeff
Cobb and Great-O-Khan came out. United Empire outnumbered
Orange's team, but then FTR came out to even the odds with
no brawl.


Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, & Satnam Singh were backstage. Dutt
was extremely excited, and said it was time to celebrate.
Lethal was excited to be ROH TV champion, but Samoa Joe
won't come back to work. Lethal demanded that Joe either
fight or vacate.


Christian Cage speaks

This was one of the best AEW promos all year and probably
the defining Christian moment since coming to the company --
and that includes his pay-per-view main event. Christian is
completely re-invigorated as a heel.

Schiavone asked Christian to explain himself after attacking
Jungle Boy last week. He was met with a chorus of boos and
demanded that Milwaukee shut their mouths. Christian brought
up that Jungle Boy eliminated him from the Casino Battle
Royale last year, and that the crowd cheered when it
happened. He thinks he deserves better -- not to mention
that Jungle Boy cost him a bonus and a world title shot.There was an extremely loud "shut the f**k up!" chant. He
made fun of people tweeting like they know anything about
the wrestling business. Christian said he saw potential in
Jungle Boy and decided he'd hitch his wagon to him to just
cash a check. Christian isn't here to elevate young talent,
and he has advice for people like that: "Have a match that
people actually remember."

Christian addressed Jungle Boy and said the one time he
didn't give him pre-match advice, he lost the tag titles.
Schiavone played footage of what Christian said to Jungle
Boy's family: "You raised a piece of sh*t." Christian
explained that he was giving Jungle Boy's mom a chance to
apologize for giving birth to Jungle Boy. He thinks she was
a little sweet on Christian.

"Jungle Boy: You may want a father figure, but your father's
dead." Christian told Jungle Boy to enjoy his early
retirement at 25. "Tarzan Boy" interrupted and Luchasaurus
came out alone. He choked Christian, but Christian demanded
that they talk. "Remember what happened to Marko? You're
like a son to me." Luchasaurus relented, and Christian went
in for a hug.


The Young Bucks and Kyle O'Reilly were backstage. The Bucks
said things were right in the world now that they're
champions again. Matt said they'd be on Forbidden Door.
O'Reilly, however, is peeved at Sting's actions. Hikuleo and
El Phantasmo will team with the Bucks against Sting and his
cronies at Forbidden Door.**********

AEW All-Atlantic Championship qualifier: Malakai Black
defeated Penta Oscuro (w/ Alex Abrahantes)

They went right at each other right away, with Penta landing
a thrust kick. He countered a Black dive and soared over the
top with a tope con giro. Back inside, Penta hit a
backstabber for two but he appeared to hurt his back on the
dive. He followed it up with a sling blade. Black baited
Penta to the floor and tripped him up on the apron, allowing
him to take control.

Once back, they jockeyed for position on the apron. Penta
wanted the Penta Driver, but Black fought out. Penta avoided
a heel kick and hit an enzuguiri followed by a rolling
cutter for two. Another rapid fire exchange ended with an
Orihara moonsault from Black followed by a top-rope double
stomp for two.

Black climbed the ropes, but Penta cut him off with a kick
and hit an avalanche Fear Factor. He took a long time to
make the cover, however, allowng Black to get his foot on
the ropes. Penta tried to follow it up, but his back gave
out, allowing Black to hit the heel kick for the win.

After the match, PAC came out to face off with Black. A
Miro video promo interrupted, saying he'd send everyone to
meet their maker. The match will be PAC vs. Miro vs. Malakai
Black vs. Tomohiro Ishii.


A Wardlow video promo aired. He wants the TNT Championship,
and said when Scorpio Sky was healed and ready, he'd welcome
him into Wardlow's world.**********

Adam Cole joined commentary.

Hangman Page defeated Silas Young

They performed a chain wrestling sequence to start. Page hit
the first strike with a couple hard chops, then Young
returned fire. Page sent Young to the floor and landed an
Orihara moonsault before the break. During commercial, Young
briefly took control, but once back, Page started a comeback
by hitting a superplex.

Page hit the fallaway slam and kipped up. A lariat sent
Young to the floor, where Page landed a plancha. Back
inside, Page hit a diving clothesline for two. Young
returned fire with a backbreaker into a lariat for two. He
followed it up with his corner moonsault, but Page avoided
it and hit a German before nailing the Buckshot Lariat for
the win.

Cole cut off Page's music right after the match and called
for "story time with Adam Cole," but IWGP World Heavyweight
Champion "Switchblade" Jay White's music interrupted.
Switchblade said he's been giving Forbidden Door a lot of
thought. He said Cole couldn't be the challenger at
Forbidden Door, because he lost to Page twice.

Switchblade faced off with Page in the ring and said it
wouldn't be him either. They brawled, and Cole got involved.
Page got in position for the Buckshot, but Cole low blowed
him and the two Bullet Club members beat Page down. Cole
grabbed the title and teased smashing Switchblade with it,
but instead set up Page for it.Then the coin dropped, and Kazuchika Okada emerged. Okada
fought off Switchblade and Cole, allowing him and Page to
stand tall. He was about to hit the Rainmaker on
Switchblade, but the champ avoided it. Okada's music played
to end the segment.


Jade Cargill, Stokeley Hathaway, and Kiera Hogan were
backstage. Hogan said Red Velvet was out of action. Stoke
said they were looking for a new Baddie, and Jade said they
had to be a "top-notch bitch."

After a commercial, Kris Statlander and Athena pretended to
be excited about the opportunity to be a Baddie. They then
said nobody could get in their way.


Toni Storm defeated Marina Shafir (w/ Nyla Rose)

This match was terrible and made Storm look like a weak
challenger, just barely making it past Shafir and getting
beaten down during the post-match.

They went back-and-forth at the start. Not much happened
until Shafir sent Storm to the floor, where Rose crushed her
with a running senton. After the break, Storm hit her
signature headbutt, but Shafir bafflingly no-sold it and
continued the beatdown on the floor, where Storm fired back
with a tornado DDT.

Back inside, Storm hit a German followed by the hip attack.
She then just rolled Shafir up for the win. After the match, Shafir and Rose beat down Storm, and then
Thunder Rosa ran out to make the save. Storm used the belt
to dispatch Rose, and she and Rosa faced off to end the


Darby Allin and Sting were backstage. Darby said he doesn't
think Kyle O'Reilly isn't medically cleared, he thinks he's
just scared. They brought some crazies of their own for the
eight-man tag at Forbidden Door: Shingo Takagi and Hiromu
Takahashi. Sting said it'd be show time at Forbidden Door.


AEW Rampage (6/24) lineup:

HOOK vs. The DKC
Andrade El Idolo vs. Rey Fnix
Serena Deeb & Mercedes Martinez in action
Jeff Cobb vs. Cash Wheeler
AEW/NJPW Forbidden Door (6/26) lineup:

Buy-In: Max Caster & Gunn Club vs. NJPW Dojo (Yuya Uemura,
Alex Coughlin, Kevin Knight, & The DKC)
Interim AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley vs. Hiroshi
IWGP World Heavyweight Championship: Jay White (c) vs.
Kazuchika Okada vs. Hangman Page vs. Adam Cole
AEW All-Atlantic Championship: Malakai Black vs. PAC vs.
Miro vs. Tomohiro Ishii
AEW Women's World Championship: Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Toni
IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships / ROH Tag Team
Championships: United Empire (Jeff Cobb & Great-O-Khan) (c)
vs. FTR (c) vs. Roppongi Vice
IWGP US Championship: Will Ospreay (c) vs. Orange Cassidy
Chris Jericho, Minoru Suzuki, & Sammy Guevara vs. Eddie
Kingston, Wheeler YUTA, & Shota Umino
Zack Sabre Jr. vs. TBD
Bullet Club (Young Bucks, El Phantasmo, & Hikuleo) vs. Dudes
With Attitudes (Sting, Darby Allin, Shingo Takagi, & Hiromu

AEW Dynamite (6/29) lineup:


William Regal joined commentary.

Jon Moxley & Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Chris Jericho &
Lance Archer (w/ Sammy Guevara & Tay Conti)

Super fun, star-studded main event.

Tanahashi and Moxley attacked before the bell. Moxley and
Jericho brawled on the floor as Tanahashi and Archer faced
off in the ring. Archer hit a full nelson bomb and tagged in
Jericho. Tanahashi regained control and tagged in Moxley,
who laid in elbows and bit at Jericho's face.

They brawled outside, but upon re-entry, Guevara tripped up
Moxley, allowing Jericho and Archer to take him out. Jericho
sent Moxley flying with a Pounce as they beat him down
through a commercial break.

Once back, Moxley got the knees up on a Jericho Lionsault
attempt and reached Tanahashi for the hot tag. Tanahashi
took down both opponents with running elbows, then the
springing crossbody allowed for some air guitar. Tanahashi
kept up the attack with a flipping senton for two.

Jericho briefly got the upper hand and went for the Walls,
but Tanahashi fought out. Jericho was able to hit a
Codebreaker, but Moxley broke up the pin and then took out
Archer with a tope suicida. Tanahashi avoided the Judas
Effect and hit a Codebreaker of his own before hitting a
standing High Fly Flow. Jericho rolled through and locked on
the Walls, forcing Tanahashi to escape.A parade of big moves was concluded with a sling blade from
Tanahashi. Moxley and Archer tagged in. They traded big-time
strikes until Moxley fought out of a Blackout attempt and
hit a snap Paradigm Shift. Tanahashi tagged in and hit the
High Fly Flow for the win.

After the match, Eddie Kingston and Wheeler YUTA ran out
and brawled with Jericho and Guevara. Minoru Suzuki emerged
and beat down YUTA, but then Shota Umino ran out to get
involved. Officials ran out to get some order as the rest of
the Jericho Appreciation Society entered the fray. Santana
and Ortiz were the last ones out for this massive all-out

The whole time, Moxley and Tanahashi just stared each other
down in the ring, focused and ignoring the brawl.

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