Posted on 6/23/122 by Dan Moreland


Show opens with Danielson who announces his injury and then
wont tell the fans who his replacement v Zach Sabre Jr is
because hes a dick. Hes always good on the mike but this
went a BIT long. Zach then comes out and basically does
nothing. I guess there was no possibility at all ZSJ could
have wrestled later the show to show how good he is and sell
more buys, is there?

Will Ospreay and the Best Friends goofs wrestle next. Of
course, there were run ins but it ended up being a standoff
and it was OK to keep it at that.

Jay Lethal said something but as soon as Ring of Honor TV
title came out of his lips I tuned out. No disrespect for
Jay, Samoa Joe or ROH but shouldnt this show be focusing on
New Japan?

Christian comes out with the classic Im a heel now so shut
up you hicks promo done 1000 times before. How many cows
had to die for that jacket? And dont they have free
universal teeth cleaning services in Canada? And how did
losing the Casino Battle Royale to Jungle Boy cost him a
roster bonus? What IS a roster bonus anyway? The promo was
mid until he went for the cheap heat and brought up the Luke
Perry stuff. What should have happened next was Jungle Boy
comes out and chases him into the crowd or to the back
looking for ass, instead Luchasaurus comes out and ends
looking like a complete idiot as Cage talks him down.

Kyle OReilly and the Bucks are next as OReilly catches
Excaliburitis and rattles off a bunch of names so fast that
I cant make out anything that he is trying to get over.

The Atlantic title qualifier as Malakai Black beats Penta
then Miro cuts a remote promo. I would pay good money to see
Miro v Malakai FOR this title in a final but its going to be
a four way.

Ive seen Silas Young before and thought he had potential,
but he crashed and burned at the end of his match with Adam
Page. I mean, just what the hell was he trying to with that
headstand move on the top turnbuckle? Not a great national
TV debut.

OK, here comes Okada FINALLY in the run-ins afterward so he
is going to be on the PPV after all. Only one problem which
I will discuss later.

Somewhere in all this a totally dorky and scripted promo by
Kris Statlander and Athena mocking the Shotties that did
nothing to make them look cool or make anyone look forward
to see them take on Jade Cargill or the Shotties.

What happened to Justin Roberts, and as long as it's not
something tragic, can he stay there?

The Toni Storm v Safir match was about as good as advertised
on SM though not a match of the year candidate by a long
shot. Holy moly that was one heckuva senton by Nyla on Toni.
If wrestling was real why would I ever want to win a match
in AEW? All thats going to happen is Im going to get my
ass kicked by my vanquished opponents buddy though
Thunderosa saves Toni.

That might have been one of the best, most energetic, and
articulate promos by Darby Allin ever. More of this, please,
and less of him staring off camera mumbling about how
horrible his life is.

Im a big Alex fan, but the way he is booked, unless he is
translating for Penta, doing a promo for Fenix, or playing a
druid I dont see what use he is.

Im glad Jim and Tony acknowledged how hard Excalibur works
to try to get in the Forbidden Door and Dynamite cards in
one breath. Here is an idea, how about he and Tony hand off
the matches when running the cards down so no one goes into
vapor lock?

Now let me see if I have this straight----at Forbidden Door
there will be TWO four-way matches, a THREE-WAY tag team
match, a six man, a four amn and I THINK a friggin five-man
tag team match? What is this, the Survivor Series? And while
I think its good Okada is going to be here, you are
seriously telling me arguably the biggest star in Japan, if
not the world, or at least one of the biggest of the past
decade is booked to be in a four way with a bunch of
schlemiels? For some reason, I have a feeling this is a
dark horse card that could end up being a surprisingly
good pay per view just because of the talent, but good lord
the booking has been the drizzlers.

The only PPV I can compare this to is the first WCW Japan
Supershow (didnt see the other two), which was not treated
like a major pay per view that weeks of booking were built
around. The only angle IIRC that was pushed on WCW TV was
Ric Flair v Fujinami. The rest of the PPV was featured as a
rare (at the time) peek into Japanese wrestling, with yes
WCW wrestlers facing Japanese wrestlers. But I dont
remember Hiro Hase, Masa Chono, and Kensuke Sasaki running
in on TBS and starting brawls week after week on end with
WCW wrestlers. If anything, the PPV itself introduced fans
to Japanese wrestlers, not the other way around. Im not
saying dont bring in Ospreay, Okada, Tanahashi and maybe
Zach Sabre Jr and have them do a few matches on Dynamite to
promote the Pay Per View, but Tony Khan has tried to shove
20 pounds of cat food into a 5-pound bag with this and
Forbidden Door has been way overbooked.

Speaking of which, who in Sam Hell is Shuma Omito??? Now
dont get me wrong, I have followed NJPW on Axxess but I
just dont remember this name. I also dont remember him on
Dynamite. Again, the booking. Tell us who these guys are.

Main event is Jericho and Lance Archer against Tanahashi and
Mox leading to maybe one of the most bizarre visuals ever
seen in a wrestling ring. First, maybe dont mention Lance
Archer is two time IWGP champion. The way he has been used
in AEW it doesnt do that title belt no favors, not that its
being defended on FD for some godforsaken horrible booking
reason. Mox and Tanahashi win, and Mox and Tanahashi go
belly to belly, which would have been the perfect way to
take this home to Forbidden Door, seeing that they are in
the main event.

But NOOOOOOOO . . . . .here comes Murder Grandpa, here comes
. . . virtually everyone in the back for a wild brawl that
takes FOREVER . . . . in the meantime, the entire time, Mox
and Tanahashi keep jawjacking with each other COMPLETELY
ignoring World War Three is breaking out all around them.
Even more ridiculous, Im pretty sure they cant understand
each other.

I cant say Ive been in a LOT of fights in my life, but I
can imagine if I was belly to belly with someone, within 30
seconds it would go like this:

1. Someone takes a punch or at least shoves the other guy
2. They shake hands and walk away
3. If the entire place is turning into a battle royale, they
at least stop and watch or jump in.

What a weird and bizarre way to end a wrestling show. And
what a weird and bizarre way to end this review.

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