ALL ELITE WRESTLING RAMPAGE: August 5 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 8/06/122 by Bob Magee

Live! from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Jim Ross, Excalibur, Tony Schiavone were on the call, with
William Regal for the opener.

Jon Moxley defeated Mance Warner in an AEW Interim World
Title Eliminator Match (11:40)

Warner is from Bucksnort, Tennessee, and Schiavone and Regal
name dropped famous residents of Bucksnort Dutch Mantell and
Bunkhouse Buck. The brawl started on the floor and all
around ringside. Moxley suplexed Warner onto a set up steel
chair. They exchanged chops, and Warner dropped Moxley
crotch-first on the ring barricade, then clotheslined him
off the barricade.Back in the ring, Warner and Moxley exchanged chops. Moxley
attacked Warners leg with a dropkick, took him down with a
dragon screw leg whip and locked in a figure four. Warner
escaped with an eye poke. Warner whipped Moxley into the
corner and caught him with a sliding boot. The fight went to
the floor, where Warner whipped Moxley into the ring stairs
and crowd barricade. Warner then suplexed Moxley onto a
steel chair. Moxley mounted a brief comeback and tried to
piledrive Warner on the stairs, but Warner countered with a
DDT on the stairs. Moxley gave way too much offense to an
outsider (if Warner hasnt been signed to AEW).

After a split-screen break, Warner stomped on Moxleys leg.
Warner planted Moxley down with an ugly spinebuster for a
near fall. Moxley had a small hardway cut on the side of his
forehead. Warner found some chairs under the ring but when
he tried to use one, Moxley punched it into Warners face,
injuring his own right hand and arm. The crowd chanted for
tables and Warner came up bleeding on the floor. Moxley
followed up with a tope suicida.

Back in the ring, Moxley superplexed Warner. Moxley couldnt
execute the hammer and anvil elbows with his right side, and
Warner came back with a high knee. Moxley locked Warner in a
kimura, kicked in his teeth, dropped him with a piledriver,
kicked in his teeth some more, and then choked Warner out
for the submission. Moxley now moves on to Quake at the Lake to face Chris

Backstage at Dynamite on Wednesday, Lexi Nair tried to
interview Ricky Starks after his confrontation with
Powerhouse Hobbs. Of course, she was interrupted by QT
Marshall and The Factory. They offered Starks a spot in the
Factory (for his protection), with Aaron Solo making the
offer based on their history before they got to AEW. Starks
was not interested.

Konosuke Takeshita defeated Ryan Nemeth (w/ Peter Avalon)

I guess someone realized Takeshita has never gotten a win on
TV. Takeshita hit a flying clothesline on Nemeth. Avalon
tripped up Takeshita, but Takeshita stilled dropped Nemeth
with a Blue Thunder bomb. Takeshita hit a running knee
strike to get the pin. Avalon tried to jump Takeshita after
the match, and Takeshita hit him with a knee strike as well.
Takeshita looked great going into his ROH title match with
Claudio Castagnoli.

Another Lexi Nair interview from Dynamite with Orange
Cassidy and the Best Friends. The Best Friends and Cassidy
agree to form a trio and enter the Trios title tournament.
Danhausen wanted to join in the trio as well.

Madison Rayne defeated Leila Grey (w/ Stokley Hathaway)

The match went about two minutes before the show went to a
split-screen break. The only thing of note was Hathaway
jumping on the ring stairs like a petulant child to distract
Rayne.After the break, Rayne fought her way out of a chinlock and
got a near fall with a Northern Lights suplex. Rayne went
for a ripcord stunner, but Grey countered with a sit-out
side slam for a near fall. Both women look about a step or
two out of sync with their moves. They exchanged forearms.
Grey tried a sit out facebuster, but Rayne escaped and hit a
sliding lariat. Rayne the hit the Cross Raynes (like the
Cross Rhodes) for the pin.

Jade Cargill came out after the match to invite Rayne to
accept her open challenge on Wednesday. Keira Hogan tried to
run in and attack Rayne, but Rayne hit her with the Cross
Raynes as well. Cargill's Baddies weren't particularly bad

In a pre-taped segment, The Lucha Bros challenged Rush and
Andrade to make their match on Wednesday Lucha rules.

Mark Henry interviewed the principals in the main event,
and Keith Lee got in a great line about how Nese and Woods
would just be a stepping stone to a properly ranked tag

In Excalibur's rundown of upcoming shows, the Wednesday
Dynamite match between Lucha Bros v. Andrade & Rush was
announced as tornado tag match. Cargill v. Rayne for the TBS
Championship was made official for Wednesday.

AEW World Tag Team Champions Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland
defeated Tony Nese & Josh Woods (w/ Smart Mark Sterling)
in a Friday Night Street Fight (12:53)

(I do not believe the tag team titles were on the line in
this match. It was never announced as a title match, only as
a Friday Night Street Fight.)The match started on the floor, and didn't get into the ring
until during the split-screen break. Strickland sent Nese
into a chair with a stepover toehold. Lee dropped Woods with
a double overhand chop. Nese threw his "Premier Athlete's"
protein powder in Lees face. Strickland kicked the protein
powder in Nese's face and whipped him into the steel ring
steps. Strickland whipped a toolbox at Neses head, but Nese
got out of the way and the toolbox broke against the steps.
Lee got the powder out of his eyes with a bottle of water,
but the Nese flew off the apron with a broken tool box.
Woods sent Strickland into the stairs with a twisting
suplex. The show went to a split-screen break.

During the break, a pair of tables were set up on the
outside. Woods and Nese tried to powerbomb Strickland
through the tables, but he escaped. Lee avalanched Nese and
Woods, then hip tossed Nese into Woods. Sterling hit Lee
with a chair from the outside but it didnt phase him. Nese
and Woods DDTd Lee into the chair and they both tried to
cover him, but Strickland hit a 450 onto the pile to break
up the pin attempt in a great spot.

Nese set up a table in the ring. Sterling hit Strickland
from behind with a wrench, and Woods set up Strickland on
the table. Lee pulled Woods out of the ring, and hit Nese
with a headbutt. Sterling tried to come off the top on
Strickland, but Lee caught him, Strickland moved and Lee put
Sterling through the table.Outside the ring, Woods teased German suplexing Lee from the
apron through the table. Nese hit Lee with a superkick and
Woods actually hit the German suplex off the apron through
the tables! This left Strickland and Nese in the ring.
Strickland gave Nese a high back body drop onto a pile of
chairs, then came off the top rope with a double stomp onto
Nese to get the pinfall.

Strickland and Lee celebrated to end the show.

Final Thoughts:

They put stars on the show tonight, but I don't think this
show will be enough to cure the recent ratings woes. It was
a foregone conclusions who would win both the main events.
The Rayne debut wasn't anything special. Takeshita got a
much needed win against weak competition.

But it felt like a completely skippable show.

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