Posted on 5/22/122 by Dan Moreland


One note of clarification from my Dynamite review that was
brought up to me. When I said the MJF/Shawn Spears/Wardlow
whipping angle was hot I meant it was a hot angle in terms
of wrestling heat, not that I thought it was somehow
sexually hot. BTW if you thought it was, I completely got
your back if LGBQT LOL!

The first match between Dark Order v House of Black was
entertaining, though Evil Uno totally botched a move seconds
in. Entertaining, but at the end of the day NO one will

Death Triangle comes out with a foam gravestone with House
of Black on scratched on it but Alex is no longer a druid so
again this didnt
make sense.

Gunn Club and Max Caster did something, but my remote was
screwed up and I wasnt interested enough to rewind.

Dax did somethinga short but effective promo.

OK I get they are trying to get Shawn Spears over as a
giant killer by having him beat a big man, but this John
Silver on testosterone guy has a look and size and maybe can
go, before burying him before we can see more of him was not
Bear Country or Lance Archer or Nick Comoroto or Butcher or
some other already buried big man available?

If I hear Chris Jericho call himself a wizard one more
time Im going to puke. This guy has a new nickname every
week. Ruby Soho started her color commentary strong telling
Jericho she wishes he gets his ass kicked but what a
complete potato after that. I have to admit I was high on
her when she first came in because she looked and acted
differently than the other female AEW wrestlers, and had a
great ring entrance. But 9 months later, she is completely
exposed as a marginal talent hidden behind a cool haircut.

Not that it would draw but if you wanted to push a Hook v
Tony Nese match, OK at least its two guys that one can buy
as legit athletes. Have weeks of workout videos to build up
to the match. But NOOOOO we have Danhausen eating chips and
lifting girlie weights, while Mark Sterling is crippled, to
build up to the closest thing you can have to a mixed tag
team match with all men. Horrible segment that just kills
off Neese, and even worse, Hook.

No one is going to cry like Bob Backlund over the physical
destruction of the TNT belt, but why say it's worth tens of
thousands of dollars? It should be worth HUNDREDS of
thousands of dollars, even if the fans detect thats
bullshit. A Hyundai is worth tens of thousands of dollars;
a Ferrari costs hundreds of thousands of
dollars, and so should a title belt be portrayed as such.
Also I wanted to focus on what Frankie Kazarian was saying
but was too consumed with Sammi and Tay swapping spit behind

I originally liked the idea of AEW honoring Owen Hart with
the tournament, but not only has it been screwed up, but it
seems to have been a monkey wrench in their booking. Plus,
why would I care about a Britt Baker-Toni Storm match
without the AEW title on the line? Great concept but I doubt
Tony Khan had any idea on how to use the OHC to
advance the winners upward.

Poor Excalibur had to spit out the lineup for an entire card
in 20 seconds and no one had any idea what he said.

Matt Sydal had no right to perform some of his moves like
that on Bryan Danielson. Thats the only note I have on the
main event because you read what I said about the Blackpool
Combat Club. I was zoned out by then, as I usually am by the
end of Rampage.DAN MORELAND

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