Booker T Returning to the Ring Later This Month

Booker T Says AEW’s Roster Is A Lot Like WCW

Booker T discussed the depth of AEWs roster during the latest episode of the Hall Of Fame podcast.

He thinks some people get lost in the shuffle just like what happened in WCW.

Yeah, theres been a lot of guys on the show. They try to get a lot of guys on that show and highlight as many things as they possibly can. A lot of things get lost in the shuffle, of course, in doing that. WCW, back in the day, they hired a bunch of guys, he said. Most of the guys, they just hired them just so they wouldnt go to WWE. WCW had signed a bunch of guys and they were sitting at home, making money. They just didnt want those guys to go to the WWE or back to WWE.

Quotes via Wrestling Inc

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