CANADA: Canadian independent wrestler retires

Posted on 6/26/122 by Steven Ashe

Canadian independent wrestler Jewells Monroe
announced her retirement from wrestling on
her Facebook page:Hello Facebook

This is a very tough decision for me to make
but I've had to make it and its just really
difficult to say I was going to do it video
but I don't have it in me.

I'm officially retired from The wrestling
business as a wrestler.

I've noticing health differences and my
mental health especially is starting to
bother me so I am going to stop before it's
too late.

Even before I started wrestling I struggled
with PTSD, anxiety & depression amongst many
other issues. But because I love wrestling
so much I knew that I could not live my life
without fully giving it a shot.

There will be more posts but I apologize to
all promoters and fans I have to cancel I
am very sorry I'm trying to do the best I
can but I cannot accept any bookings and I
have to cancel all other bookings.

With this being said please bring on the
best and new talent because there's so much
wonderful energized talent out there who
deserve a spot on a card so I'm tapping out
I wish I could have done it in a ring but I
just can't do it anymore.

I thank each and every one of you from the
start to finish whether you supported me
doubted me, my trainers every single one of
them I will do my best to take but I just
really want to let this message get out
first cuz I need to take care of myself and
I love you all!

For everyone who I wrestled with death
matched with shared a locker room been on a
tour in the same space thank you

I've never wished ill will on anybody in
wrestling I only wanted to do this for my
own passion for wrestling and I want
everyone to succeed

I did the best that I could.

Always stay positive


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