Classic Championship Wrestling United comes to Lancaster. PA on August 20 with Rob Van Dam, Santino, Alberto El Patro

Posted on 8/09/122 by Classic Championship Wrestling United

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) Pro wrestling
is making its way to Lancaster County to end
the summer. On August 20, Clipper Magazine
Stadium will host former WWE, Central Pa.,
and Lancaster wrestlers for the Classic
Championship Wrestling United event.

Former WWE stars Rob Van Dam, Santino,
Alberto El Patron' FKA Alberto Del Rio,
Dirty Dango FKA Fandango, and Ricardo
Rodriquez will attend the event..
Plus, from Central Pa. will be Rob Noxious,
Malcolm King, Adrian Bliss, Stefon Ramon,
Mr. Ping, D'Licious, and many others.
Finally, coming from Lancaster is Red
Scorpion, Breaux Keller, Ace Dallas, and
General Keisel.

In conjunction with Valour Pro Wrestling and
Red Rose Sports Card, several buses have
been set up to transport fans from Midstate
counties to the stadium. Transport on busses
is $10 per person round trip.

Tickets will begin at $15 and could be as
high as $100 with Meet and Greet packages
available. Bus transportation will not be
available for the meet and greet portion of
the night.

Jab Promotions hosting first boxing match at
FNB Field
If leaving from Lebanon County, the bus will
depart from Eagle Hall on 8th Street. Fans
from the Harrisburg area will depart from
the Harrisburg Mall.

The meet and greet begins at 3 p.m. on
August 20 with the main event to follow at 7
p.m. To purchase tickets, meet and greet
packages, or to learn more, visit the
website by clicking here

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