Corey Graves Possibly Coming Out of Retirement?

Corey Graves Not Looking To Return To The Ring Just Yet, Talks Advice He Would Give His Younger Self

The Illumnerdi recently conducted an interview with WWE star and color commentator Corey Graves, who spoke about a number of different topics, including whether there are any plans for an in-ring return and what advice he would give to his younger self. Highlights are below.

Says there are no plans for him to return to the ring just yet:

There are no plans. I mean, Im not going to spoil anything. I dont have any sort of like immediate goals to accomplish. It was just something that Ive wanted to do and Ive accomplished so much in this role as a commentator, which is a role I never in a million years expected to have in the first place. So now Im like, Okay, I feel like Ive got the commentary thing down. Now, what else can I do? Im constantly I mean, behind the scenes trying to learn and learn the business side of the wrestling business. I always want to have irons in different fires, just because otherwise I feel like when I get complacent, I get bored.

Advice he would give to his younger self:

Slow down. Slow down. All the madness that I experienced on the indies prior to arriving in WWE? I wouldnt have changed for the world. Stylistically speaking, [I would have changed] a little bit. I would have taken a little bit better care of myself. I felt like I was invincible. If I got a concussion? Thats no big deal, Ill be fine. Well, no, you need to take the week off. What do you mean, I need to take the week off, Im fine. I was so driven and goal-oriented that I had blinders on. The only thing I could focus on was making it to WWE, and I was right there. I think in hindsight if I had slowed down a little bit, taken a little bit better care of myself physically and mentally, maybe I wouldnt have hit that roadblock when I did. Not to say it wouldnt have come another year or two down the road, but at that time, I was burning the candle at both ends constantly. I was training trying to balance everything. Trying to make it and I think, a little bit older, wiser version of me, I would just tell myself to slow down and take it easy, because as we can see, I eventually got here in some capacity.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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