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Eddie Kingston Shares Childhood Story Of A Kid Turning A Whiffle Ball Bat Into A Dangerous Weapon

AEW superstar Eddie Kingston recently spoke with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp about a wide range of topics, which included The Mad King sharing a childhood story that included a friend of his turning a whiffle ball bat into a dangerous weapon. Hear the story in the highlights below.

Says his friend took a whiffle ball bat and added rocks and nails before heading off to a fight:

Man. I just remember as a kid, a kid took a whiffle ball bat, right? Corked it with a bunch of rocks to make it heavy, then taped up the bottom, and thenwe were nutsput nails on it. Like super glued, gorilla grip glues nails on it. Then we went to the fight. It was a crazy day.

How different he and his friends were from today’s generation:

We were different kids then. We were different kids then. Like I tell people, we were the Ducky Boys, if you ever saw the movie The Wanderers. We were the Ducky Boys.

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