Former WWE Star Brian Knobbs Hospitalized After Being Rushed to the Emergency Room

Must See New Photos and Video of Brian Knobbs Show How His Health Has Improved

Former WWE and WCW star Brian Knobbs of The Nasty Boys is apparently doing much better after being hospitalized with health issues last year, which led to the wrestling legend being placed in a rehab facility.

As we’ve noted, Knobbs has battled significant health issues in the last year or so. It was reported back in August how Knobbs complained of stomach pain back on Tuesday, August 10 and was rushed to the emergency room when his health took a sudden turn for the worse. Knobbs underwent tests to determine the severity of his stomach issues, and doctors expressed extreme concern. Doctors believed then that Knobbs would need a few months of hospital care. It was also revealed by Knobbs’ friend, Fred Jung, that Kobbs’ “good knee” gave out on him, and he needed surgery on his knee if he wanted to walk again.

It was later revealed by WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff, who remains close with Knobbs, that Knobbs’ health situation is “much more serious” than what was posted online in the GoFundMe campaign ran by Jung. Bischoff called it a “very, very serious situation for Brian.” Furthermore, Jung posted another update to the GoFundMe in October that said Knobbs was moved to a physical rehab facility, and was progressing well until he suffered another fall. Knobbs reportedly broke his clavicle in the fall, and cracked his head. He needed more than nine stitches to close that wound. The October update noted how Knobbs’ spirits were still high, but his medical bills were “piling up” as they tried to get him into a more adequate rehab facility because the original rehab facility he was moved into was located at a senior living facility, and not properly equipped for Knobbs’ condition.

In an update, Knobbs has been hanging out with WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan at his Hogan’s Beach Shop in Clearwater, Florida, where they both currently reside.

Knobbs turned 58 on May 6, and celebrated his birthday on May 11 with Hogan at his establishment in Clearwater. You can see video of Knobbs doing karaoke while hanging out with Hogan at this link.

Knobbs also spent some time at Hogan’s shop last week and participated in autograph signings for fans. Based on Facebook posts, Knobbs seems to be doing much better these days.

Below are two new photos of Knobbs at Hogan’s shop, both from last week and one with Hogan himself. To compare, the third photo is from Knobbs’ hospitalization in October 2021.

Recent photos from June 2022:

The October 2021 hospitalization photo:

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