FOX Executive and Consultant Hit During WWE Money In the Bank Angle, Pat McAfee on His Neck

FOX Executive and Consultant Hit During WWE Money In the Bank Angle, Pat McAfee on His Neck

Pat McAfee says a FOX executive and a consultant were accidentally hit during the angle that took place after Saturday’s WWE Money In the Bank event went off the air. McAfee says he also suffered cuts.

As noted, WWE released a post-Money In the Bank clip of Happy Baron Corbin attacking McAfee while he and Michael Cole wrapped up the show. Corbin pulled McAfee over the barrier and beat him up in the crowd, then tossed him back to the ringside area for more. Corbin then brought McAfee into the ring and finished him off with End of Days. He then ended the segment by accepting McAfee’s challenge for WWE SummerSlam.

In an update, McAfee discussed the angle during The Pat McAfee Show today and revealed that a FOX executive and a consultant were sitting behind the announcers at Money In the Bank. He noted that he inadvertently kicked them both during the chaos with Corbin.

McAfee then gave a great recap of the attack angle with Corbin, which you should watch below. He claimed that he suffered cuts to the back of his head after Corbin tossed him back over the barrier due to hitting his head on the side of the table debris that was left over from Omos being put through it in the Men’s MITB Ladder Match.

We noted before how McAfee attended the UFC 276 pay-per-view at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, right after Money In the Bank ended, and that he was wearing a neck brace. McAfee was shown on screen with WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon, Interim Chairwoman & CEO Stephanie McMahon, and Executive VP of Global Talent Strategy & Development Paul “Triple H” Levesque. WWE President & CRO Nick Khan was also there but not shown. McAfee obviously wore the neck brace to sell the attack that had just happened less than an hour earlier at the nearby MGM Grand Garden Arena, but he claimed during today’s show that there was some concern over his neck because he was in “incredible pain” so he wore it as a precautionary measure. McAfee said it was determined that he had no fractures, just a case of severe whiplash.

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