LA KNIGHT: LA Knight makes main roster debutas Max Dupri!

Posted on 5/21/122 by Colin Vassallo

LA Knight made his main roster debut last
night on Smackdown using a different name
from his NXT days Max Dupri.

Continuing the tradition of being built on
NXT only to have a complete name and
character change on the main roster, the
former Impact World champion introduced
himself to WWE official Adam Pearce, telling
him hes the CEO of Maximum Male Models.

Dupri mentioned that he was hired by Sonya
Deville before she was removed from her
previous role and has a contract, with
Pearce telling him that hes going to reach
out to the legal department to verify his

The 39-year-old did a trial of the new
gimmick during a few dark matches before
Smackdown weeks ago, with Mace and Mansoor
as his first clients.

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