MONEY IN THE BANK: Liv Morgan said last night was the greatest moment of my life so far!

Posted on 7/03/122 by Colin Vassallo

Just moments after winning the Smackdown
Womens championship, Liv Morgan spoke with
journalist Ariel Helwani backstage to give
her first reaction.

Crying and laughing at the same time, Morgan
was overcome with emotions as she tried to
put into words what she had just gone

This is everything, there are no words to
describe this. This is everything. I cant
believe it oh my gosh, Liv said. I wanted
this my whole entire life, its overwhelming
and surreal but this is the feeling that
Ive been searching my whole life for. Wow!Asked if the reality was better than the
dream, Morgan said that she dreamt about
this moment her entire life and going
through it now its so much better. She said
no one deserves anything in life, but she
earned this and thats what makes it so much

Liv admitted that over the past year she
lost a bit of confidence but never lost hope
but there was a time where she thought this
wasnt in the cards for her. She credited
her fans for continuing to believe in her
even though at times she gave them nothing
to believe in.

Her eight-year journey is something shes
proud of and she started as a girl who no
one thought would amount to anything in this
business and worked her ass off to show
everyone she belongs.

Asked what Ronda Rousey told her after she
hugged her in the ring, Morgan said she told
her that she said you deserve it, something
that fans also chanted following her win.

It still doesnt feel real. I cant believe
its mine. You have to kill me to get this
out of my hands, joked Morgan, who
described yesterday as the greatest moment
of my life so far.

Meanwhile, her former tag team partner and
now AEW star Ruby Soho reacted to Livs win
on social media.

She DID IT!!!!!!!!! she wrote, adding a
crying emoji. Smiling from ear to ear right

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