Patriotic Wrestling Federation May 14 York SC results

Posted on 5/16/122 by Bob Magee

(Courtesy: Bill Behrens)Here are results from Patriotic Wrestling
Federation - PWFs May 14, 2022 event held
at York Comprehensive High School in York,
South Carolina by Robert Truesdale
With FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) with
Mick Foley vs Master & Machine (Griff
Garrison & Marcus Kross) with Bill Behrens,
plus Jerry Lawler, George South & Jimmy

- Officials for the event: Joshua Williams &
Kylan Disney
1) "Boogie Woogie" Jimmy Valiant (w/Magnet
Man & Captain Joe) and Soul Patrol (Sweet
Dreams & Deon Johnson) def. "Freak Daddy" AJ
Frost, Tony Benge & Chris "Thunder" Anderson
2) PWF Patriotic Championship Match:
"Student of the Game" Stuart Snodgrass
(w/"The Party Starter" Keith Mack) def. "The
Greek Wolverine" Chrisifix
- With this victory, Snodgrass becomes the
first-ever PWF Patriotic Champion.
3) "The Don of All Dons" Don Furio def. "The
All-American Blue Chipper" Chase Emery
4) Mr. #1 George South & Golden Gladiator
#2 def. The King Jerry Lawler (w/Miss
Larkin) & Big Nasty (w/Bootleg Dave)
- Prior to the match, South went on a near
20-minute tirade belittling the fans in
attendance. South would go on to wager that
if he & Golden Gladiator #2 didnt win he
would give refunds to every fan in
attendance for their tickets. Lawler finally
cut him off, saying that if South could
wrestle as well as he runs his mouth he
would have won a world championship.
- Just as Lawler appeared to have South down
for the 3-count, Miss Larkin reached for
Souths foot and put it onto the bottom
rope. Seeing the rope-break, the referee had
no choice but to stop his count. As
confusion set in amongst Lawler, Big Nasty,
and Bootleg it became apparent that Miss
Larkin was a traitor. She would slap Bootleg
during the resulting confrontation. The
action in the ring resumed, this time with
South pinning Lawler. South would score the
pinfall despite having put his own foot on
the bottom rope, which Larkin shoved off
before the referee could notice. Larkin
would leave with South and Golden Gladiator
5) The Coaches (Head Football Coach Dean
Boyd, Assistant Principal Zach Snyder, and
others) def. Freak Daddy AJ Frost, Tony
Benge & JP Lehman (w/Craig Huffman)
- Intermission
- Estimated attendance: 625
- Next event: June 18, 2022 (Bethel Baptist
Church; Lake Wylie, SC)
6) "The Southern Savior" John Skyler def.
"The Superior" Jake Jacobs
7) PWF Tag Team Championship Match: All Worm
No Soul (5-Star Worm Joey Ford & The
Ginga Ninja Brady Collins) (C) def. The
Irish Hand Grenade Myric Moore & Derek
8] PWF Heavyweight Championship Match: Mike
Maughan (C) (w/JP Lehman) def. Suicide
9) FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler w/The
Hardcore Legend Mick Foley) def. Master &
Machine (Griff Garrison & Marcus Kross
w/Agent of the Stars Bill Behrens)
- As the time limit for the bout approached,
ring announcer Bill Hazelwood began counting
down the time remaining in the match. The
contest initially ended with a 20-minute
time limit draw, however Foley would enter
the ring at first to compliment the two
teams on a hard-fought match but ultimately
to ask them if they would come to a
gentlemens agreement so that the match
could be restarted under sudden death rules,
and for the Ring of Honor Tag Team
Championship. Wheeler would get the win for
FTR after countering Garrisons attempt at a
splash off the top rope.
- Post-match, as Behrens (who struck Wheeler
on the back with his tennis racket at one
point during the match while the officials
back was turned) berated Garrison and Kross
he would find himself stuck in the middle of
the ring between the two teams. Foley would
then bring out Mr. Sock-O to finish off the
confrontation, choking out Behrens, then
pinning him. leaving him to crawl away from
the scene.
- Harwood addressed the crowd, thanking them
for their support and also complimenting PWF
for being a top-quality promotion. Foley
would round out the evening by serenading a
group of fans at ringside with a rendition
of Elvis Presleys Cant Help Falling in
Love with You.

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