RIC FLAIR'S LAST MATCH: Booker T praises Ric Flair ahead of 'Last Match" (TMZ.com)

Posted on 7/05/122 by Casey Carver

Booker T tells TMZ Sports his wrestling days are long behind
him ... however, he respects a guy like Ric Flair, who, at
age 73, will be lacing up his boots and stepping in the ring
to fight one final match later this summer.

"I have no itch to scratch," Booker T said when asked about
possibly coming out of retirement. "I've scratched every
itch that I want to scratch as for as getting back inside
the squared circle."

"What Ric Flair is doing, he's doing that because he loves
this business, man. Ric Flair told me a long time ago that
he would never retire. That's that guy, man."

As we reported, Ric is slated to wrestle one final time on
July 31 against an undisclosed opponent, despite admitting
he has some concerns that prior health issues might crop up
in the ring.

57-year-old Booker T is clearly impressed by Flair's
tenacity ... telling us, "He's gonna come in and go out in a
blaze of glory. You can only respect that."

Booker also reflected on the first time he ever wrestled the
Nature Boy -- it was a WCW Saturday night taping that he got
thrown into at the last minute.

"Half of the time, I didn't know if I was coming or going
just because he was telling me one thing, and he was doing
another," Booker said.

The former heavyweight champ said he learned so much from
sharing the ring with Naitch that night ... recalling he was
like a "sponge" just trying to soak up all the knowledge
Flair was imparting.

Booker may no longer be an in-ring performer ... but he
remains an integral part of WWE's storytelling as a
commentator, which is why the King of the Spinarooni has
been tapped to host a new series called "WWE Rivals."

The series -- which is a joint collaboration between A&E
network and WWE -- dives into the most iconic rivalries in
the promotion's history ... and it airs on July 10 at 8 PM

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