Samoa Joe Reportedly Gone from WWE

Samoa Joe Says He Nearly Missed ROH Supercard Of Honor Due To Weather, How His AEW Match With Minoru Suzuki Came To Be

AEW superstar and current ROH television champion Samoa Joe was the latest guest on the AEW Unrestricted podcast to discuss a wide range of subjects, including how he nearly missed ROH Supercard of Honor due to weather issues, and how his Dynamite matchup with Minor Suzuki came to fruition. Highlights from the interview are below.

How he nearly missed ROH Supercard of Honor because of weather issues:

Oh, absolutely, I know there was weather permitting jets to get to Tampa on time. And a lot of mechanical issues on flights that went out. So, I had to end up driving to Cross City, Florida, a small little rural town in the middle of Florida to catch a private jet to get up to the show. The best part was, as I arrived to the airport and I walked into this little office, this little man sitting behind the counter looked at me. I said, hey man, I am here, Ive got a jet coming in to pick me up, he said, what time? I said, I think seven oclock, he said, well, we close a six, man, Ill see what I can do.

How his match with Minoru Suzuki ended up happening in AEW:

Things move fast and thats what it seems. I liken it to the math that Tony brought up before. We are used to overcoming insurmountable and unusual calculations and odds. I think thats how the past few weeks have played out. You know, I came in, debuted for Ring Of Honor, made my debut on Dynamite, obviously a lot of fun there. A good little opponent just to get the blood boiling. Then coming right in, Tony offered me the opportunity, he said, hey, I have this idea. Suzuki will be around, I just think its only natural that these two forces should collide, and I was 100 percent in. I said, absolutely, lets go.

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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