Sheamus on How Big the Gunther Match and Post-Match Ovation at WWE Clash at The Castle Is To Him

Sheamus on How Big the Gunther Match and Post-Match Ovation at WWE Clash at The Castle Is To Him

Sheamus faced WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther earlier this month at WWE Clash at The Castle from Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, in what was described by many as a Match of the Year candidate. Despite the loss, The Celtic Warrior received a massive post-match ovation from the crowd.

Sheamus appeared on WWE’s After The Bell podcast this week and told Corey Graves how much the match and post-match ovation means to him, calling it the biggest moment of his career, and one of the biggest of his life.

“They say Rome isnt built in a day and success isnt overnight,” Sheamus said. “It took me 13 years in my WWE career to earn that moment and it was unbelievable. The reception I got when I went out there, I didnt know what way it was going to go. Gunther obviously has a cult following from being NXT UK Champion for so many years, so I didnt know what to expect. Its a moment Ill never forget. Its probably the biggest moment Ive had to this point in WWE.”

He continued, “Im stealing the show here, there is no doubt about it. I went out there against the lad, awesome lad, great wrestler, very aggressive, knows his role, great heel, great opponent. I went out there with no promotion, no mural on the walls, no press conference. I went out there, two weeks for that match we had. The biggest promotion came the SmackDown before. Thats all I needed to blow the roof off a 70,000 seat arena. I dont need any of this shit. I dont need a big painting on the wall or press conferences or promotional packages. Give me an arena, 20 minutes in the ring with a formidable opponent, and Ill give you match of the night every single time. Nobody is going to see the brutality, aggression, and passion I bring in that ring. Its taken 14 years, but it doesnt matter how long its taken me because that moment in Cardiff was to me the moment of my career, one of the biggest moments of my life, and if its taken that long, that’s even better, because I know I have earned every single cheer and every single part of that experience.”

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