TAMMY SYTCH: Judge revokes Tammy Sytchs bail, sends her back to jail until trial

Posted on 5/13/122 by Colin Vassallo

Despite a surety bond posted to bail Tammy
Sytch out of jail, the WWE Hall of Famer was
sent back behind bars this morning after a
motion filed by the state of Florida to lock
her up pending trial.

Florida State Attorney R.J. Larizza was in
charge of the motion, which was filed on May
9, requesting that Sytch be sent back to
jail due to her involvement in the fatal car
crash that claimed the life of 75-year old
man in March.

The state attorney argued before the judge
that Sytch had several DUI arrests and
violated her probation multiple times in
other states and said that she poses a
threat to the community based on her
criminal history, mainly surrounding her
driving.A judge at the Circuit Court of Volusia
County agreed with the State and revoked her

Footage from the court room shows Sytch
kissing her boyfriend before being
handcuffed by an officer. She then talks to
her attorney and is escorted out of the
court room and back to jail.

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