Tony Khan Makes New Match for Tonight’s AEW Dynamite, Updated Card

Backstage Update on Tony Khan and Billy Corgan, the AEW – NWA Relationship

While the two companies have not done business since last year, a new report from Fightful Select notes that the working relationship between the NWA and AEW is just fine.

AEW President Tony Khan made it known last year how he paid for the AEW wrestlers that ended up working the all-women’s NWA EmPowerrr pay-per-view, after the NWA did not cover the costs. NWA President Billy Corgan recently spoke with Fightful Select and noted that the pay-per-view didn’t emerge as commercially successful as he had hoped, but that he didn’t want to grovel.

When asked about the situation, Corgan said the following:

“It wasnt a miscommunication. Tony has my number and honestly, I wish he had reached out privately on that if he had any issue with that. The fact that he went public with something and the other part of the equation was he talked about stuff without giving the other end of the equation. The other end of the equation Ive never talked about publicly. So it would be like if you wentlets pretend me and you were having a little bit of an issueand you went public and said, Billy should thank me for driving that car that hes driving because I paid for the tires, right? So people might go, Oh, yeah, Billy should thank him. If I dont tell you the other end of the deal that was made, well, that does sound like it was kind of a one way street. But thats not the deal. Ive never talked about the other end of the deal. “I dont think I should talk about the other end of the deal, but lets put it this waythere was another end of the deal that he conveniently didnt mentioned. I dont have any issue with Tony. I think Tonys done a tremendous job. Tonys made it easier for me to operate in wrestling. When I go into business meetings with networks and talk to them, they look at AEWs success as an indication that the market is shifting, that WWE doesnt control the market like they did for twenty years. So I can only thank Tony [for making it easier] for me.”

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