Tony Schiavone Re-signs with AEW

Tony Schiavone On His Love For The Young Bucks, Recalls First Meeting With Samoa Joe

On the latest edition of What Happened When AEW color commentator and interviewer Tony Schiavone spoke about the very first time he ever met current ROH television champion Samoa Joe, as well as what his first impression was of the Young Bucks. Schiavone’s full thoughts can be found below.

Talks his love of the Young Bucks, and how he first found out about them:

I cant emphasize enough how much I love Matt and Nick Jackson. I first heard about them here (on the podcast) when you (Conrad Thompson) were talking about them. You said they have an incredible merchandise line that they sell and they have a finishing move called The Meltzer Driver. I remember hearing Meltzer Driver and Im thinking WTF? Then I meet them and I deal with them, and I absolutely love them. They are two of the greatest guys. They are sincere family men. I have a lot of fun with them.

On meeting Samoa Joe for the first time:

I didnt know Samoa Joe until recently. I guess I met him at WrestleCon time during the Impact show. He is one of the most intelligent, well spoken men that Ive ever been a part of and involved with. Good dude.

(H/T and transcribed by WrestlingNews.Co)

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