WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: August 8 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 8/09/122 by Bob Magee

Seth Rollins defeated Angelo Dawkins (w/Montez Ford) (8:51)

Corey Graves noted how much training and homework Dawkins
did specifically for this match. Dawkins wrestled without a
shirt and Graves also mentioned how much he has slimmed

Rollins fell to the outside and Ford mocked his selling,
which was funny. The distraction allowed Dawkins to tackle
Rollins over the announce table which led to break 90
seconds into the match.

Rollins took control after driving Dawkins face into the
middle rope. Rollins kicked at Ford which enraged Ford to
the point that he grabbed a chair and jumped into the ring.
The ref had to hold back Ford and eventually ejected him.
(The announcers said that Fords temper got the best of him
and Rollins was smart enough to take advantage.)

Dawkins knocked Rollins out of the ring and followed with a
flip dive. Dawkins followed with a suplex, spinning corner
splash and Silencer for two. Dawkins twice avoided a stomp
before hitting a sit-out spinebuster for a close nearfall.
(The crowd wanted the upset there.)Rollins ducked a charge and Dawkins went shoulder-first into
the steel steps. Dawkins avoided a stomp one more time but
Rollins yanked him down by the shoulder before hitting a
Pedigree for the pinfall win. (The crowd popped for the

This was a good showing for Dawkins and the crowd was into


Edge told the Mysterios that he had their backs tonight. Rey
believed him but Dominik wasnt exactly happy to see him.
Edge said last week was a mistake and asked Dominik if they
were cool.

Dominik shoved Edge so Rey held him back. Rey said hes
known Edge for 20 years and hes like family. Dominik
couldnt believe Rey was taking Edges side so he left. Rey
told Edge hed talk to Dom.


Kevin Owens defeated Ezekiel via ref stoppage (approx. 0:45)

(The bell never ran to conclude the match so I dont know
what the official ruling was.)

Ezekiel didnt get an entrance. Owens received a nice pop on
the way out.

Owens was all over Ezekiel as soon as the match started. He
powerbombed Ezekiel onto the edge of the ring about 45
seconds into the match and the ref checked on Ezekiel who
appeared to be hurt.Owens laughed as medical staff brought out a stretcher for


The Judgment Day promo

Finn Blor and Damian Priest entered. Blor thought it was
funny that Edge and Rey thought Judgment Day should fear
them but they couldnt even get on the same page and Dom
already left them. He said fear wasnt real but danger was
real, and I am danger.

Priest said hed love to take out Edge tonight but noted
that Raw was in Toronto in two weeks. Its been forever
since Edge wrestled on Raw in Toronto so Priest challenged
him to a match. If Edge had the balls, Priest and Judgment
Day would end him in front of whatever friends and family he
had left.

In the back, Rey told Edge that he couldnt get a hold of
Dominik. Edge offered to go to ringside but Rey knew that
Dom would come to his senses.


They claimed that SummerSlam had 1.3 billion video views on
social media.

Finn Blor (w/Damian Priest) defeated Rey Mysterio (13:56)

Blor started doing the three amigo suplexes including
doing the worst Eddie Guerrero shimmy ever but Rey
countered into a suplex of his own and hit a low dropkick
for two. Rey went for a 619 but Priest got in the way and
took the move instead. That allowed Blor to pop up and
drive Rey into the ring post.Rey fought back after a break and hit a sliding DDT into the
barricade. Priest tripped Rey as the ref was distracted so
Edge immediately entered to his music and brawled with
Priest through the crowd.

Rey hit Blor with a Code Red for a close nearfall. Rey went
for the 619 but Blor killed him with a clothesline and a
shotgun dropkick.

Rey dodged a Coup de Grace and set up for the 619 but was
distracted. Rhea Ripley appeared on the stage with Dominik
over her shoulder. She dropped his lifeless, beaten body in
front of her.

The distraction allowed Blor to hit 1916 and a Coup de
Grace for the pinfall win.


Sarah Schreiber interviewed Tamina and 24/7 champion Dana
Brooke. Brooke was excited to become a double champion with
her former foe. Bayley and her friends showed up and she
mocked Brooke. Tamina stood up for Brooke and warned them
that she could take them out right now. The heels left, but
not before Sky told Brooke that she didnt like her.


Tag Team Championship Tournament Round 1: IYO SKY & Dakota
Kai (w/Bayley) defeated Tamina & 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke

(I believe Byron Saxton mentioned that Kai and Sky had a
history working together in Japan years ago.)

They went to break 90 seconds into the match after Brooke
wiped out her opponents with a dive off the top. Kai and Sky
took control during the break after driving Brooke into the
barricade. The crowd was quiet until a random Bayley sucks
chant broke out.Tamina made a hot tag but she was cut off by Kai and Sky
(after Brooke crashed into the barricade when Bayley saved
Kai). Sky hit a moonsault for the pinfall win.

Kai and Sky move on in the tournament and will face the
winner of Asuka/Bliss vs. Doudrop/Nikki ASH.


Patrick ran toward Owens for an interview as he was leaving
the arena. Owens warned him not to do that again or hed
drop him harder than he did Ezekiel. Owens knew that there
were more eyes on this show now than there have been for a
while and he wanted to remind everyone that this was still
the Kevin Owens show.

In the background, Doudrop, Nikki and a few others were
checking on a sedan that appeared to crash into a parking
lot wall.

Elsewhere, Rey and a trainer checked on Dominik.


They re-aired the US title video from last week.

Ciampa entered wearing the red, white and blue Harley Race

Graves (with a completely serious tone) said that Ciampa had
experience being trained by Harley Race, spending time
under the tutelage of Killer Kowalski, and now learning from
the Miz.Bobby Lashley defeated Ciampa (w/The Miz) to retain the
United States Championship (12:56)

They had a strong match, interference aside, and Ciampa got
a few nearfalls before Lashley ultimately won.

Ciampa slipped out of a powerslam and hit a chop block but
Lashley no-sold a few chops before hitting a back elbow.
Lashley wanted to drive Ciampa into the post but Miz got in
his way so Lashley just chucked Ciampa into Miz.


Ciampa took control during a break with a knee strike but
Lashley came back with shoulder tackles and a modified
Dominator for two. They traded counters until Lashley hit a
spear but Miz put Ciampas leg on the rope to break up the

AJ Styles ran in from out of nowhere and chased Miz through
the crowd. Lashley hit a flatliner as Styles chased Miz
through the ring and to the back.

Ciampa used the distraction and drove Lashley into the
exposed turnbuckle before hitting a knee strike for a
nearfall. Lashley countered a Fairy Tale Ending but Ciampa
applied the Gargano Escape. Lashley fought out of that but
Ciampa hit a draping DDT for a nearfall.

Lashley blocked a knee strike and hit a chokeslam before
applying the Hurt Lock and Ciampa tapped out. The crowd
liked Lashley and popped for the win.

******** Styles continued to brawl with Miz in the back during
commercials and a match between the two was announced for

1-on-2 handicap match: Omos (w/MVP) defeated Andrea Guercio
& Spencer Slade (1:43)

Omos beat two guys.


Patrick interviewed Rollins (whose full name is still Seth
Freakin Rollins). Patrick informed Rollins that Riddle
would have an injury update next week. Rollins was pissed
that Patrick brought him in for an interview just to ask
about Riddle.

Rollins called himself the gatekeeper of this industry. As
great as Riddle could be in the ring, he was great at
flushing his own potential down the toilet just ask Dana
White. Rollins thought Riddle should retire or he might just
have to Cody Rhodes his ass out the door.


Dolph Ziggler defeated Chad Gable (w/Otis) (6:33)

They did chain wrestling for the first two minutes before
Gable hit a Chaos Theory suplex (called the American
Automatic). Gable worked over the leg briefly before
Ziggler dodged a moonsault and hit a DDT for two. Ziggler
fought out of an ankle lock for a second time but was too
hurt to hit a superkick so Gable powerbombed him.

Ziggler slipped out of another ankle lock, slipped out of an
Angle Slam attempt and hit a superkick for the pinfall win
in his hometown.Good, short match that at least felt different than what
wed normally see on this show.


Nikki and Doudrop were focused and said they would crush the
hopes and dreams of Bliss and Asuka next week.

Elsewhere, Bliss and Asuka said nobody was ready for them.
Bayley and chums showed up to mock them.

As this was happening, the crashed car could be seen in the
background and officials suddenly jogged passed them.

Bayley and pals left as Styles walked by them on his way to
the ring.


Main event time.

No disqualification match: AJ Styles defeated The Miz

Styles tried to grab a table to the delight of the crowd but
Miz dropkicked him. Moments later, Styles tried to set
something up on the announce table but Miz chucked him over
the barricade which led to break.

Styles was back on his feet following the break setting up a
table as the crowd chanted for the table. However, Miz
attacked him repeatedly with a kendo stick. Styles fought
back with the kendo stick, crotched him with it and used it
to hit a side Russian leg sweep for two.

Styles hit a Phenomenal forearm but Ciampa pulled the ref
out of the ring. Styles knocked Ciampa off the apron and
through a table.Styles went for the Phenomenal forearm but Miz chucked a
chair in his face and hit a Skull Crushing Finale for a

Miz attacked Styles leg with the kendo stick and went for a
figure four but Styles kicked him into a steel chair and hit
a Styles Clash for the pinfall win.

As Styles celebrated, it seemed like a fan was being dealt
with by security. It was actually Dexter Lumis but they
didnt focus on him (one announcer did say his name).

Styles continued to celebrate as the show went off the air.

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