WWE RAW Draws Lowest Viewership Since January, Key Demo Rating Also Down

Cody Rhodes Says He Thinks He’s The Best Wrestler In The World: “By A Large Margin”

WWE superstar Cody Rhodes spoke with Sports Illustrated ahead of this evening’s Raw, where the American Nightmare discussed a number of different topics, including why he believes he is the very best wrestler in the world. Highlights from the interview are below.

Claims to be the best wrestler in the world:

I think Im the best wrestler in the world. And I think its by a large margin. That upsets a lot of people, but I dont mean it to draw ire. This is all I do. Im not in charge. Im here to hone my craft, build my body, and win matches. Every week, I have to be better. Thats the ultimate clarity for me.

How he’s on WWE’s flagship program:

Im on the flagship show. Look at the pyro and grandeur. Hats off to Kevin Dunn and his team for taking the American Nightmare and expanding upon it. I know I must be better every week. Thats the only way I can stay the best in the world. Week to week, Im putting myself under a microscope. Go ahead and put all the microscopes in the world on me. I want FOX to come calling. I did it for Turner Media and I got a great education at my last spot. Bring it on; I want it all.

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