The show kicked off with Mike Tyson’s entrance. Be
interesting to see how long he stays on comms. and whether
there’s any sort of angle.

Orange Cassidy vs Katsuyori Shibata, All-Atlantic Title

Backstory: Shibata saved Cassidy from an attack at Forbidden
Door, showed up again Wednesday to claim this match

So apparently this one came about because Shibata
legitimately requested two AEW opponents. One is obviously
Cassidy; the other? Bryan Danielson.

It’s also worth noting that despite an Excalibur voiceover
stating that he’d overcome his injuries, New Japan will not
clear Shibata to wrestle, allowing him precisely one match
in the 5 ½ years since collapsing after injuring his head
and brain in a match against Kazuchika Okada.

Meaning this one is questionable in a number of ways.
Primarily for reasons of health but also the likelihood of
him losing only his second match in half a decade on two
days’ notice.

Shibata wasted no time, right into a headlock, Cassidy’s
hands still in his pockets, takedown, Cassidy viced the
head, Shibata cartwheeled out. Then was sent to the apron
and the outside, where Orange launched a dive which didn’t
quite land. The import then hauled him around ringside,
introducing him to several of the ringside barricades before
heading inside, breaking the count with his pose.

Back outside, caught up in an exchange of forearms, both
were nearly counted out, just making it back in as the break

Whatever else Mike Tyson is, he’s enthusiastic and some of
his commentary’s actually good – pointing out who the better
striker is etc.

Down in the corner as we returned, Shibata was struck with a
running dropkick before Cassidy launched the kicks.
Fighting his way up, Shibata dropped Orange with a heel
trip. Before launching kicks of his own, though the last
one had a little more sizzle on it than Cassidy’s tend to.
Who responded by mimicking Shibata’s pose. After which the
import paintbrushed him, forcing him to the corner, flurry
of strikes, running dropkick, suplex, count of two.

‘I just don’t want Cassidy to get beat’ was Tyson’s input at
this juncture.

After slipping out of a belly to back, the champ dropped
Shibata with a backdrop driver, the import popping right
back up, right back into a belly to belly, Cassidy again
slipped out, both popping up to drop each other with shots
to the mush. As Tyson chanted ‘Cassidy, Cassidy, Cassidy…’

Up first, Orange launched a pair of PKs. A third. No dice.
Shibata right back up to hit an Orange Punch, into an
abdominal stretch, transitioning into a flying octopus hold.
Cassidy got the ropes. Then struck with a Stundog
Millionaire, before losing the elbow pad. Shibata snatched
him up for a dvd and was looking for another when Orange hit
another sloppy-looking Stundog, then a flying headscissors,
right into Beach Break. Shibata kicked out at 2.

Back to their feet, Cassidy setup the Orange Punch, landing
it flush. Shibata barely budged as he paused to fix his
jaw, Cassidy’s eyes wide as Shibata finally landed the belly
to back, looking for the PK, Orange popped up for a second
Orange Punch and the victory.

A post-match handshake saw the champion again place his
sunglasses on Shibata, as he did at Forbidden Door.

He looked a little rusty at times, but you could see exactly
why Shibata wanted to face Orange. You can work a match
without having to do too much, which they largely did.
Could’ve done without the backdrop driver but it was
otherwise very safe.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

Lexi Nair with Toni Storm. Eventually, Jamie Hayter’s going
to have to take responsibility for her decisions, just like
Toni’s going to be responsible for what she does to her at
Full Gear. They should’ve at least had some confetti drop
and stuff for the fact that someone got through an interview

Then with Claudio, Danielson and Regal. Lexi’s question:
‘What exactly are your problems with Chris Jericho?’. Are
you f****** kidding? They’ve been feuding for nine months!
Claudio’s pronunciation of ‘Ian Riccaboni’ was wonderful.
Which is what he draws the line at: the attacking of non-
wrestlers. While for Danielson, ‘Rampage isn’t long enough’
(agree to disagree) for why he hates Jericho. Begging for
one more match, he promised to defeat Jericho and stomp his
head in.

Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter vs Skye Blue & Madison Rayne

Backstory: Britt & Jamie wanted to wrestle, not talk

Tyson left after the first match. No angle. Clearly just
to help the very poor local ticket sales.

Commentators openly wondered what Hayter’s title shot would
do to the relationship between she and Britt as the
babyfaces were quickly on top, Blue avoiding a shot in the
corner, off the top with a diving cross body until Hayter
dropped her throat-first across the ropes.

A thrust kick from Blue brought brief respite as Baker came
in, a very slow looking ‘roundhouse’ allowed the tag to
Rayne, who got a quick two on Britt. A cutter brought
Hayter in to drop Rayne across the knee. Swinging
neckbreaker from Baker broken up at two by Blue.

Crowd deceased at this point.

Double thrustkicks from the heels knocked Blue off the
apron. Rayne fought off both until being blasted with the
Ripcord Lariat for the win. The difference between the
dainty lariat Rayne attempted and the one she was hit with
for the win is the difference between good and bad women’s

Post-match, Britt provoked Storm, who beelined to the ring,
laying out Rebel and Baker before brawling wildly with
Hayter, locking her in a cloverleaf, Hayter tapping
furiously until Britt blasted Storm with the belt, ending by
handing it to Jamie.

That brawl was good enough you could’ve ended with it. And

WINNER: Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter

Footage aired from Dynamite of Jericho threatening to ‘whip
Lamar Jackson’s ass’. And Jackson’s response, which was
basically that it was fun. Jericho – with Schiavone & Sammy
Guevara – thought about offering to face both Danielson and
Claudio, because he didn’t believe they really liked each
other. But thought that’d be unfair. So he’s going to
include Sammy because after they take out the faces, Guevara
will ‘do the right thing, right lil buddy?’

Hasn’t Sammy just joined the JAS?

Ricky Starks promo

Starks acknowledged that the crowd organically liked him and
were asking where he’d been. He’s entering himself in the
Eliminator Tournament. ‘Things are crumbling around here…
I’m the guy who’s gonna hold things up!’ Vowed to end the
tournament as the new number one contender. Short, good
without being his best work. This crowd is clearly really
small since they seemed to be behind Ricky and it was still
hard to hear them.


Sammy back with Tony. Claimed he took Danielson to the
limit a couple weeks back. So he wants a rematch on
Dynamite. Two out of three falls. Or in layman’s terms –
let a guy get one pinfall over Danielson before eventually
losing. No-one can accuse the vet of being selfish, that’s
for sure.

WarJoe vs the Gates of Agony

Backstory: The Embassy beatdown WarJoe last Friday

A struggling ‘Wardlow’ chant quickly died out among an ice-
cold crowd as he and Bishop Khan went at it. Tag to Joe,
who flung a downed Khan across for the tag to Toa Leona.
Who’s enormous.

Snapping jabs backed the big guy to the corner, Joe finally
waking the crowd with a great flurry. Running shoulder, turn
around into the enziguri, Joe well on top until being
distracted and bitten by Leona.

It seems Wardlow is either turning or is ‘rattled’ by Will
Hobbs. He interrupted Joe during the pre-match promo and
the commentators kept mentioning his demeanor during the

Returning to just a couple minutes tv time, Joe was fighting
to his feet as the fans chanted his name, snatching and
drilling Khan in an STO out of the corner. Finally allowing
the tag.

Wardlow launched a series of German suplexes, using momentum
off the ropes to drop the bigger Leona. Spinebuster to Khan
for two, Leona with the save but dragged out into the Kokina
Clutch, leaving Wardlow to be distracted by Nana, rolled up
for two but then land a headbutt, into powerbomb number one.
Three more and we had our winner.

This match really highlighted the damage done to Wardlow.
Joe was way more popular with the crowd, who only really
cared for Wardlow’s finish.

Will Hobbs hit the ramp post-match, Wardlow barged Joe out
of the way to jaw at him. That’s four concurrent infighting
storylines (SioG, BCC, Sammy/Jericho & these two).



Next Dynamite:

Swerve in our Glory & the Gunn Club vs FTR & the Acclaimed

Sammy Guevara vs Bryan Danielson, Two out of three falls

Eddie Kingston vs Ethan Page, Eliminator 1st Round

Moxley to speak

Britt Baker & Saraya face to face w Schiavone

Jamie Hayter vs Skye Blue

Next Rampage:

Bandido vs Rush, Eliminator 1st Round (now that’s something
to tune in for)
Lance Archer vs Ricky Starks, Eliminator 1st Round
Brian Cage vs Dante Martin, Eliminator 1st Round

Added to Full Gear:

Chris Jericho vs Sammy Guevara vs Bryan Danielson vs Claudio
Castagnoli, ROH Title

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