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COLT CABANA: How wrestling with compression socks was almost fatal for Colt Cabana


Colt Cabana discussed how using compression
socks for his match against Chris Jericho a
few weeks ago nearly had a fatal outcome for

Discussing the scenario on his Art of
Wrestling podcast, Cabana said that he loves
to wear soccer socks that go all the way up
to his knee and he lost them leading up to
the show.

He said he left it up until the last day to
go buy a new pair and Target didn’t have any
except for compression socks, which he
bought without knowing the consequences.

Cabana noted how during the match he wasn’t
feeling his legs and was having other
complications that he first attributed to

After the match was over, he was getting
checked by the doctor backstage as he was
feeling lightheaded and couldn’t breathe.

“He rips my boots off. Then I’m like, ‘Can
you take my knee pads? I just feel so
constricted.’ He takes my knee pads off. And
then I’m like, ‘Can we get my socks off?’
And I say, ‘You know, I bought these
compressions socks last night,'” Cabana

The doctor then schooled Cabana on why he
should not wear compression socks for a
wrestling match as they were cutting off the
supply of blood to his legs, causing high
blood pressure and low oxygen.

“Hopefully my wrong can help somebody in the
future and you are either a current or a
future pro wrestler. And you, needing socks,
know just grab the regular ones,” Cabana

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