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HELPING FOR THE HOLIDAYS: International Wrestling Cartel presents IWC Pittsburgh Classic returns to Elizabeth, PA on December 3, Toys for Pittsburgh Tikes Drive


It's the 5th Annual IWC Pittsburgh Classic and the 4th
Annual Toys for Pittsburgh Tikes Drive on December 3rd at
Marx's Court Time. We will be accepting donated toys, New
and Unwrapped only, no cash donations. Make sure to get
your tickets and help out a generous charity these holidays!

The 5th Annual Pittsburgh Classic Battle Royal is set for
December 3rd!! With veterans, fan favorites, and first time
entrants all competing to win the prestigious Pittsburgh
Classic, who do you think is walking away with the

After years of being paired together and even IWC Tag Team
Champions, Zander P. Gabriel would turn his back on his
"Best Friend" and low blow Bulk Nasty, leaving him alone in
the ring. Now, the two are scheduled to face one another on
December 3rd at the PIttsburgh Classic. Will Zander's
knowledge of Bulk Nasty give him an edge or will Bulk's size
and strength be too much for him to handle!?!

Having been the mystery opponent for Bill Collier at Winner
Takes All, Zach Nystrom is now scheduled to face the unknown
going into the Pittsburgh Classic. Although Nystrom holds
wins over former IWC Champions, how can he prepare for a
mystery opponent and who could it be?!?

Andrew Palace has finally overcome all the obstacles Katie
Arquette has thrown in his way, but at what cost?!? While
Palace had been looking for answers and redemption, RC
Dupree returned to the IWC just a month ago and seems to
have set his sights on the Palace and Arquette saga…but
why?!? Palace aims to get answers when these two square off
for the first time ever in singles competition at the
Pittsburgh Classic!!

If you can't bring a toy but would like to make a donation,
please visit the Toys for Pittsburgh

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