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Kevin Nash's Amusing Response To LA Knight Taking A Shot At Him On WWE SmackDown


Even as his popularity has continued to grow in WWE, LA Knight has seemingly had trouble securing one fan. Kevin Nash was critical of Knight earlier this year, a criticism he later tried to temper. While Knight has never publicly responded to the WWE Hall of Famer, a line in a promo from this past Friday night on "SmackDown" was seen by many as a shot toward Nash.

On the latest episode of "Kliq This," Nash spent a lot of time discussing Knight's promo, and while it remains unclear if Nash was legitimately upset with it or was playing into the situation, his response was nonetheless amusing.

"It is what it is," Nash said. "It's been brought to light, and then I saw it. So I started kind of following this chain, this story, of how he kind of laid into me. He gave me the actually says in there that I didn't know who he was and kind of gave him a hard time, but came back and...I apologized. You know, people want him to be their chosen one, that he could be their chosen one. I had no problem with that.

"So it looked like I kind of took the high road, and he for some reason brought up something...and I understand why he did it because he doesn't f*****g know... It took him 29 years to get over, so he's going to make mistakes along the way. It wasn't like he had any clear-cut pattern or plan to make it besides figuring he would just The Rock and Steve [Austin] had been gone long enough so he could just do their s**t."

In the promo, Knight referenced Nash's infamous NWO promo, where he revealed that he and Scott Hall weren't in WCW to play. The Hall of Famer mixed up his verbs and adjectives during the speech, which Knight alluded to on "SmackDown."

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