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MJF to Explain Situation with William Regal on AEW Dynamite, Bryan Danielson Saves Regal from Jon Moxley


AEW World Champion MJF is set to explain his working relationship with William Regal next week.

This week’s post-Full Gear edition of AEW Dynamite opened up with an in-ring promo by William Regal, who was set to explain why he helped MJF win the AEW World Title from Jon Moxley at Full Gear last Saturday. He insulted the fans of Chicago and received a “fuck you Regal!” chant. Regal asked fans if they wanted to hear from the new AEW World Champion, and they did, but Regal then informed him that they would see him next week.

Regal went on and said MJF didn’t have time to travel to Chicago because he’s on the set of his first major film, which is apparently “The Iron Claw” film that is based on the life and career of The Von Erich Family. Regal said MJF will answer all questions on next week’s Dynamite.

Regal referenced an e-mail MJF sent him a few weeks back, which MJF will explain next week.

Moxley then came out through the crowd, staring Regal down. Bryan Danielson quickly rushed out and stood between Regal and Moxley to try and prevent something from breaking out. Moxley and Regal shoved each other until Danielson took the mic, expressing confusion over why Regal did what he did at Full Gear. Danielson said everyone in The Blackpool Combat Club has done bad things, then pleaded with Moxley to take it easy on Regal as he has a bad neck and has suffered from bleeding on the brain.

Danielson ended up slapping Moxley in an effort to calm him, but Danielson quickly apologized. Danielson went on about how his father suffered from similar issues that Moxley has dealt with, revealing that the only person to help him through the tough times was Regal. Bryan said Regal is the reason he was able to love his father for the last decade of his life. Danielson mentioned Moxley’s daughter, and someone helping him in a similar fashion, then pleaded with Moxley to spare Regal because Danielson loves Regal.

Moxley continued to seethe with anger, staring Danielson down and ordering him to get out of his way. Moxley got in Regal’s face, and said he only wants one thing from his “Lordship” – to leave, run as far away as he can, and never come back. Moxley pointed up the ramp and told Regal to walk. Regal turned back around and walked off.

Below are clips from the Dynamite opener, along with the updated line-up for next week’s AEW Dynamite from Indiana Farmers Coliseum in Indianapolis, IN:

* AEW World Champion MJF will appear for first time as champion to explain working relationship with William Regal

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