WWE/PAIGE: Alleged Paige adult photos leaked online

Posted on 3/17/117 by Colin Vassallo

Former WWE Divas champion Paige cant seem to catch a break
as after two consecutive Wellness Program suspensions and
neck surgery, she has another problem to deal with: someone
leaked her nude photos.

Two photos have so far been published by the popular
@WWEPPorn Twitter account, which boasts 180,000 followers.

The first photo shows allegedly Paige with her butt
towards the camera and with no underwear wearing only a
title around her waist. We say allegedly because you cannot
see the face in the photo. In the picture its not clear if
its the NXT Womens title or the Divas title. The second
photo has Paige taking a photo in a bathroom facing a mirror
exposing one of her breasts and doing the duck face.

We cannot independently confirm the authenticity of these

The timing of these photos are not the best considering WWE
is teaming up with Dwayne Johnsons production studio to
film Fighting With My Family, a movie based on her family.

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WWE/PAIGE: More Paige adult photos and video leaked online

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