Bruce Prichard Calls This Former WWE Top Guy A 'Cartoon Figure Come To Life'


In the early 2000s, WWE was often associated with larger-than-life characters. Their presentation was made up of almost exclusively wrestlers who had a physique much larger than other professional athletes worldwide, and it was around this time that Brock Lesnar made his way out of professional football and into the WWE.


Lesnar was immediately recognized and made a top guy thanks to his immense muscularity. On a recent episode of "Something to Wrestle," current WWE Executive Director Bruce Prichard discussed his initial reaction to "The Beast Incarnate" coming into WWE, describing him as "an enigma."

"This is the future of the business," said Prichard. "If you were drawing the perfect specimen for a wrestler, that's what you would draw. He was a goddamn cartoon figure come to life."

Prichard noted the unique physicality of Lesnar as a key reason why he was hoping to see him return after his first departure from WWE in 2004. "I was very sad when Brock left because he had been there for a couple years," said Prichard. "This guy had it. He had that intangible thing... I was hoping he was going to be back."


The WWE executive also discussed the long-held belief that Lesnar was taking steroids to look as massive as he did. While Lesnar eventually tested positive in the UFC, he never did so in WWE. 

"Brock is a different cat. These were guys that are just natural studs that work their entire life to do what they do. I've never seen anything like it. He is really a unique guy," said the former Brother Love.

While Lesnar was once a top guy for WWE, his future remains unclear following allegations that emerged in the Janel Grant lawsuit.

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