Former WWE Star Mandy Rose Points To When Her Character Was 'Born'


Mandy Sacs, better known for her tenure as Mandy Rose in WWE before her sudden exit, came to stardom in professional wrestling through the reality show "Tough Enough," where the Westchester County native was known for stirring up drama and showing an inkling of the villainous bombshell that would become her sports entertainment character. On the latest "Power Alphas," Sacs remembered how her time on the reality show brought out a sassier side she didn't know was within her.


"I became like 'the b****' [on Tough Enough]...I'd never been on a reality show before, it was very new to me. The girls and the guys, we gotta stir up drama, but I was never the one to stir the pot or like just be in that circle in real life... I don't like confrontation," Mandy said. The former WWE NXT Women's Champion said she did her best to focus on the goal of the program. "The main goal for me was show my athleticism...so I just like worked my butt off."

However, just doing her best to be an athlete wasn't quite helping her stand out from the rest of the competition, and she was eventually approached to show more personality.

"Lita — Amy Dumas — and Chris Jericho one day sat me aside," Mandy recalled. The WWE legends reassured her that her athletic gifts were being noticed. "[They told me], 'There's one thing you're kinda missing...You need to bring it more. You need to bring that sass.'" Mandy was told to create drama for the reality show. "I thought it was really nice that they helped me out in that sense."



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